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When you first started freelancing, you didn't think it would be such a struggle. You just wanted to do what you're good at all day - not deal with sales, marketing, accounting, and all the other things that keep you from what you're good at.

Who am I? And why am I doing this?

I'm Brennan, and I started this newsletter because when I first started out there was nothing. I had to figure it all out my own - the hard way. Mix in one part luck and a lot of research, and I had somehow grown my fledgling freelancing business to a team of ten full-time employees.

In the summer of 2012, I wrote a book that explained how the average freelancer can raise their rates. It sold well (over 2,000 copies and counting) BUT readers wanted more. How do I get more clients? How do I negotiate contracts? What do I do when a client won't pay?

So I just started writing a weekly email newsletter. And my list started growing. Before I knew it, people were letting me know that I was literally changing their lives. One reader wrote, "This is absolute gold. Don't ever stop."

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